Always willing to learn, always ready for new creative adventures, :)
My three creative passions in life are ideation (what I focus on at my creative direction site, ), storytelling and visual arts, what I made this site for. I am a Spanish creative with 20 years of experience in Advertising, Design and Digital, who lived in 9 countries and had the privilege of working for some of the most well-known brands and agencies out there, balancing out the day work in Advertising, with the long nights working on my illustrations, most of them images that I saw in my dreams and that, somehow, I tried to visualise so I can share with you. Yes, I have some weird dreams, I know, but some look nice, don't you think?
Currently in Tokyo, I am freelancing as visual artist working on some music album covers, learning concept and matte paiting to full speed, giving some talks about my work, learning more of VFX and experience design, always curious to get skills on whatever tools would allow me to communicate, to connect.  And hey, I am available (what I couldn't say for years), so if you need help, please contact me and let's talk, :)
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Thanks for reading, :)

Manuel Camino