That was a sunny day and the perfect occasion to watch the Kurayami Matsuri. Those huge Taikos (Japanese drums) were so impressive, with a bunch of men on top of them, directing their way like sailors of an impossible boat that navigates in a sea made out of people. And if this wasn't gorgeous enough, nothing could be compared with what was about to happen.

Suddenly the sky got covered with dark clouds that appeared out of nowhere announcing a shortly to come massive storm. A kid pointed to the sky (Mitte, mitte!! she said) and a killer whale came flying between the trees , followed by a huge crow, surrounding the Taikos. "Gods who came to help" a old man told me in an English with a deep Japanese accent. His eyes showed peace and smiled while pointing up in the sky.

What seemed to be the "captain" of this unique way of transportation pulled a rope, while the other sailors were dropping off. The whole Taiko started to, somehow, open and float full of grace, like folded sails not affected by the usual laws of gravity. And there it was, in front of my eyes, dancing in the space like a ship that is ready to navigate between clouds, back to the safety and comfort, back home..

Taiko Riders is part of "Echoes of Japan".