I am a Spanish senior creative with 2 parallel and complementary careers who worked in 9 countries for clients like Nike, Microsoft, Kia, Mercedes, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Suzuki, Fox, EA, Johnie Walker, etc.

This site is focused on my career as
Digital Artist
(generalist) with examples of commercial and personal work. Although for my personal work I have some kind of style, I consider myself quite able to adapt to any style for commercial work.

What I can help with?
- Helping to create a nice vibe and culture.
- Art Direction.
- Design, Illustration, Concepts and Characters, Photo Manipulation, Matte Painting, Styleframes, Motion Design and some 3D (C4D, Maya, Blender and 3DMax).
Software I can work with:
- I consider myself a 2.5D creative, who works mostly with 2D packages (Adobe suite, Affinity, Procreate, etc) with the support of some 3D (C4D, Maya, Blender and 3DMax).
Besides skateboarding and video games, my passion is storytelling and anything that has to be with visual crafting. Currently trying to learn as much as possible of more 3D, concept art, drawing techniques, animation, VR, projection mapping, compositing and VFX.
Need help?
Feel free to send me an email at manuel@forestforrent.com
Want to buy my art?

I hope there is a chance for us to work together! :)

Manuel Camino