Always willing to learn, always ready for new creative adventures, :)
XEBIUS is one my websites, in this case with the focus on my work as digital artist and story teller for both commercial and non commercial or personal projects. 

In fact, in most of my work in advertising, that you can check at, I personally made most of the visuals (and many of the animations) even when I was on senior roles, as Art or Creative Director. When you were able to buy your first computer feeding pigs, definitively ego is out of the way, ;)

Digital Arts, Storytelling and Ideation are my 3 main creative passions. I grow up with the smell of the oil painting in my house and like my mother, my dream was to be able to make a living out of arts.

As much as I wouldn't say that I made it as pure artist, since I have been working mostly on commercial work, I definitively apply my artistic skills to illustrate my ideas in the market arena. And I feel thankful for that. 

If you need help in the areas of arts, advertising, interactive installations, motion graphics and visual direction, video games and character creation, story telling, filming, illustration, matte painting or anything that has to be ideation and visual arts. A soon as it's creative enough I would be happy to collaborate.

Feedback, positive or negative, as soon as its constructive, about my work is always very much welcome. Please feel free to send me an email at

Thanks for reading, :)

Manuel Camino