Xebius is the artistic name of Manuel Camino, an Advertising Creative Director and visual artist for commercial or non commercial work. This is my personal playground where I explore and have fun by illustrating memories of dreams I had by using a variety of techniques, like 3D, photocomposition, painting, photo retouching, etc.  

Europe: creatiBEty.
US and Canada: Hustle.
China, HK, Macao, Japan & Taiwan: 3Rockets. (hey(at)3rockets.io) or to my manager, Mr. Baris Gencel (baris.gencel(at)3rockets.io)

Can we collaborate?
Definitively. You can commission my work, pay the rights to use some pieces for particular projects and I am open to collaborate with some other artists and people in the industry. Unfortunately and although money is not the reason I created this I would have to prioritise those projects where I can make income in order to survive and do more of it, :)

Software I use:
I am frequently asked which software I use to do my work and although I believe this is not so relevant, I used in the past software like Photoshop, C4D, Blender, Substance Painter, Zbrush, After Effects and most recently I am a big fan of Affinity Photo, the best software, so far, if you want to compose using an iPad. 

Do you teach somewhere or are you open to it?
Sure. Although I consider myself more of a student that has a lot to still learn, in fact I used to be a teacher for years, mostly about my main career in advertising. I am open to teach, on line or face to face and share some of what I learnt, :)

Can I get your services for commercial work, let's say concept art, illustration, design, matte painting or motion graphics?
Yes, I am currently freelancing and open to that type of work. I will be collecting some examples of my work in those areas shortly. To see my work in advertising and motion please go to www.manuelcamino.com 

Can you help with the Art Direction of a project?
Yes. In fact as Creative Director in Advertising I am quite used to do Art Direction and Film Direction for commercial work. I am happy to work under someone else direction too, it's a great opportunity to learn.


Besides skateboarding and video games, my passion is storytelling and anything that has to be with visual crafting. Currently trying to learn as much as possible of more 3D, concept art, matte painting, drawing techniques, animation, VR, projection mapping, compositing and VFX.

How can I follow you or contact you?
Feel free to follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn or Behance (links on the icons above) or send me an email at mr.mcamino(at)gmail.com 

Can I buy your art and hang it on my wall?
Absolutely and by doing so you are helping me out to make more of these pieces, you truly are. Here the link to my little shop: